Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wanted TPB: Ambush Bug Year None

Writer: Robert Loren Fleming and Keith Ian Giffen
Artist: Keith Ian Giffend
Publisher: DC Comics (2008)

Includes: Ambush Bug: Year None #1-5,7

Clipped from Maurice Broaddus:
Taking aim at the “dark” and “gritty” writing done in the name of relevance, Ambush Bug: Year None mines grins from it’s non-stop parade of odd cameos and its complete irreverence for any of the sacred cows in comics. It serves as a meta commentary on the DC Universe and the state of comics in general from the writing style (-contrived plot devices, omniscient narrators, 22 page limit, thought balloons) to company-wide crossovers (Final Crisis says what?).

Yes, Ambush Bug: Year None is a non-stop series of comic book in-jokes. Replete with punny named villains like Argh!Yle!! (his abandoned sock) and Don Gayle Apparel (his … I have no idea), either you’re in on the joke or this book will annoy you to no end.

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Kandou Erik said...

YES! After such a positive experience reading Doom Patrol (where Ambush Bug hung out for a while) - I wanted to read this series. But it's nowhere to be found in TPB!!! I sent an email to DC asking if they might publish a TPB - but so far, no dice.

Considering Dan Didio is on it, I don't understand why it didn't get the TPB treatment. Oh - and when the heck is issue #6 coming out? ^_^