Sunday, July 24, 2016

Rob's Room: "Stranger Things" on Netflix

I spent the weekend in nostalgia mode watching a brand new series on Netflix.  Mix Spielberg films, Poltergiest, (Chris Claremont) X-Men comics, Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars, Alien, Goonies, Steven King novels and every other damn thing us kids loved in the 80's and you've got "Stranger Things."  Even though it's not always original (and sometimes it's maddening trying to determine the "homage" being skirted), it feels like home to us children of the 70's.  It was a welcome relief to the politics inundating my news feeds of late.  Run down to your local video store... err... login to Netflix & chill... umm... Just check it out already, will ya?


The Dork said...

I really enjoyed it! Stayed up to 3am two nights in a row!

Rob said...

i ignored all my emails and responsibilities to watch it... which reminds me: i owe you an email response! ;)