Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wanted TPB: X-men, Liberators

Writer: Joseph Harris
Artist: Phil Jimenez
Publisher: Marvel Comics (1998)
Includes: X-Men: Liberators # 1-4

Clipped from written by Timbotron:
Harris has a tendency to be really talky in his caption boxes. I couldn't skip them though, because sometimes he has a nice observation or moment there, it's just that most of the time they are unnecessary. All in all, he does a nice job giving three of the most popular X-Men a side-quest that works well for all of them. I like the going drinking and traveling together parts more than the secret orphanage plot, but overall, this is an entertaining story.

Phil Jimenez starts out strong but by the end of the series fill-in artists and inkers are having to carry more of the load. I'm guessing Jimenez likes Nightcrawler, because he looks the best in every issue. Jiminez does a nice job on the classic pointed-shoulder costume for Colossus. I wish he would have done the square-shouldered one in a flashback, that would have been neat!

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j-swin said...

I always liked those three together, especially Logan and Kurt. Very cool, long lost friends dynamic.