Friday, May 6, 2016

Rob's Room: Captain America - Civil War Film Review

Captain America - Civil War exceeded my expectations.  I loved watching these characters interact & come to different conclusions.  Sam Wilson - terrific (as was an unexpected companion); Spider-Man - amazing; Black Panther - rocked!  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.  I, actually, look forward to seeing this one again!


The Dork said...

I second that - it felt like a true comic book movie. Loved it!

Rob said...

I was starting to think I was just getting too old to enjoy a superhero film: Deadpool left me tepid (though I didn't hate it); BvS left me bummed. I was so relieved to watch this film with a smile on my face virtually throughout! Can't wait for more Spidey and some Infinity Wars... The Russo brothers have thrown down the (Infinity) Gauntlet!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Totally agree with you. Everything clicked in this one and it was a thrilling ride. Spider-Man was perfectly handled as was Giant Man and the Black Panther. I hate we have to wait so long for his solo film. I wasn't bored for a second.