Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cool Map: Gemworld Map

History: Gemworld is a world located in a dimension which was originally owned by the Lords of Chaos. However, thousands of years ago, when magic began to drop in its levels on Earth due to a change in the alignment of the stars (caused by a star going nova) the Homo magi sorceress Citrina went there and struck a deal with the Lords of Chaos so she would be allowed to create a realm there for those Homo magi and Faerie who wanted to emigrate from Earth. This deal was kept a secret from most of Gemworld's inhabitants.

Gemworld was rule by 12 royal Houses of Gemworld. Always, one ruled all others. Lord Ruby was the first, followed by Lord Emerald and then the house of Amethyst. They were the natural rulers until Dark Opal arose and slew Amethyst's parents. For the next 20 years Dark Opal ruled Gemworld until finally being overthrown by an alliance of the other 11 Houses, led by Amethyst.

Aquamarine Archipelago:
A group of islands off the west coast of mostly fishermen, ruled with an irion fist by Lord Aquamarine. The forces of Quaar deposed him and instituted a democracy.
Castle Amethyst:
The castle of the House of Amethyst. It was eventually destroyed in battle.
Castle Moonstone:
Residence of Lord Moonstone and his wife.
Castle Sapphire: The home of Lady Sapphire, noted for its xenophobia and tough immigration laws.
Castle Turuoise:
Realm of Lady Turquoise.
Emerald Domain: Luscious garden realm, home of the House of Emerald. Eventually fell under the protectorate of Lady Sapphire when no heir was found.
Fortress Opal: The stronghold of the supreme ruler Dark Opal. The fortress was destroyed when the usurper was defeated
Garnet Stormy Peaks: Mountain peaks, noted for their bad weather. Lord Garnet made his wealth with heavy machinery.
House of Diamond: The temple of the Diamond Priests. Destoryed by the Emissaries of Varn, but later rebuilt. It is the spiritual center of Gemworld.
Ruby Ruins: Formerly a beautiful realm, the buildings had fallen into decay after relentless battle.
Sardonyx Kingdom: Desert kingdom of Sardonyx.
Topaz Keep: Lofty towers of the House of Topaz.

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