Monday, October 19, 2015

Cool Jam: The Original 4 - Superman Villains!

Commissioned by eewwnuk 1

History: Starting from Raney who did his thing on Bizarro. Then here comes Adelso and puts down an amazing Darkseid. And then Phil Jimenez went all in on Brainiac - drafting tools, searching for the right references, details up the wazzoo. And then Talent comes through and goes cover quality on Lex - aside from Michael Turners and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, this may be one of the best Lex images I have seen - the details and ink styles are incredible.

Greg Woronchak - Layouts
Tom Raney - Bizarro (NYC Special Edition 2014)
Adelso Corona - Darksied (WWC 2014)
Phil Jimenez - Brainiac (NYCC 2014)
Talent Caldwell - (C2E2 2015 / home)

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