Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rob's Room: Man of Steel Copycat

Updated!  Man of Steel homage to Joe Shuster!
Martin Ansin & Ken Taylor:
Alex Ross:
Superman: For Tomorrow (for which I was not a fan...) page & splash by Jim Lee:
Superman #701 variant cover by John Cassady:
Adventures of Superman #640 by Karl Kerschl:
Speeding Bullets by Eduardo Barreto:
Red Sun by Dave Johnson & Andrew Robinson:
Updated Superman No.1 by Ian Jason Norris:
Superman : War of the Worlds by Michael Lark:
Action Comics #643 and a corresponding ad by George Perez: 
José Luis García López:
Superwoman #10 by Renato Guedes
Supergrover by Vince Dorse (this one's a cheat... I was trying to keep it all Supes, but I dig this...!):
Superman Cover to Cover #1 Statue by DC Comics:
Golden Age Superman "Ltd Edition" Pewter Figurine (...remember these...?):
Canada minted 2,000 of these (retails for a mere $750 [Canadian])...
Superman by Joe Shuster:

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