Saturday, December 13, 2014

Prep & Landing Vs The Avengers – Mansion Impossible


Found In: the back of Avengers #19, Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #20 and Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #20.

Clipped from Newsarama: The story is illustrated by Joe Mateo, a storyboard artist who has worked on Disney projects from Prep & Landing to Pocahontas. He told Newsarama that he finds comic book work "more challenging" than his day job. "When storyboarding, I don't have to be super-tight with my drawings," Mateo said, as opposed to comic book illustrations, which are typically more detailed. "The big thing in storyboarding is clarity."

Dork Note: I wish Pixar had continued making a new short a year - my daughter and I really luv the two they did!

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