Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cyclone in Battloid/Cycle Mode Cutaway

Cyclone:  is a type of Veritech mecha armor system that was developed by the Robotech Expeditionary Force and used extensively during the Third Robotech War against the forces of the Invid. Unlike normal mecha, this armor system functioned to enhance the survivability, strengths and abilities of individual soldiers. Its standard vehicle mode made it resemble a motorcycle that was used as the primary means of transport. By sliding a switch, the rider was able to initiate the transformation into Battloid mode where it attached to its operator's CVR-3 armor and became an extension of it. Cyclones were equipped with a modular weapon system that was mounted in vehicle mode and served as hand-held weapons in Battloid mode. The Cyclone could switch to a final mode called storage mode, in which it folded up into a cube that could be stored on larger vehicles like the Alpha fighter. This feature made the Cyclone part of standard survival equipment for downed Alpha pilots.

Scott Bernard's VR-057 Veritech Super Cyclone, also known as the Devastator series, was a Cyclone weapon system model developed by the end of the Third Robotech War. This experimental series saw only a limited number of prototypes developed for use in order to test their effectiveness of a number of newly developed weaponry. The final version was armed with a 70 kj Rail gun that fired bursts of high speed sabot rounds with armor piercing capabilities. Furthermore, its arsenal included the newly developed H-260 Valiant rifles.


j-swin said...

Always thought the Cyclones were much cooler then the jets.

The Dork said...

Me too!