Saturday, November 22, 2014

1983 Marvel Super Heroes Fantasy Jigsaw Puzzle

Clipped from  Marvel 1980's: Put out by Western Publishing Company (Whitman) in 1983, this puzzle features 300 extra large, fully interlocking pieces. It's roughly 23"x35" in size and stars over 130 Marvel characters in "A Marvel Comics Family Portrait". Art by Paty Cockrum!
"No, it is not Dave [Cockrum]'s, although it does have some of Dave's characters in it. It is a montage of characters that I put together for, I believe, a jigsaw puzzle. that was one of the things I did at marvel...early merchandising art, with poses gleaned from the books, usually, although some art was done specifically for some projects. But I put this one together... and may have even drawn it. All I remember is that I had to fit in all these characters, taking into consideration all the costume colors and such to give us a decent jigsaw puzzle...LOLsheesh! they told me which heroes they wanted and I forget how many but i believe it was over a hundred! LOL" - Paty Cockrum
Dork Note: I use to have this puzzle, but its been lost to time!

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Snapper Carr said...

I still have this puzzle on display at my mom's house. Thanks for reminding me! Perhaps I'll take it home for my boys to put together and appreciate.