Thursday, October 9, 2014

Addar's Jaws Super Scenes

Addar, a model kit company, featured Jaws in its “super scenes” product line in 1975 as well.  Here, young modelers could create a detailed diorama from the a bottle.  Addar described this kit as an “exciting replica from the movie Jaws.”  It featured a miniature oceanographer, a diving cage, the great white shark and a full-color background.

Clipped from Calvins Canadian Cave of Cool:  
 "OMG. There is nothing cooler than seeing something you thought you had forgotten about totally but then, upon seeing the picture, are flooded with memories of the product. That happens with me and toys a lot.
I totally remember having this model. I spent hours preparing and paiting it properly so that it would have the appearance of a toy in a bottle - a KILLER SHARK toy in the bottle to boot. The sea background really added to the illusion of three dimensions. It was a fun idea.
It just looked so cool on display in my room. It was also one of the things that other people noticed amongst the stuff that accumulated in the Jr Cave of Cool. I wonder what happened to it. That bothers me now because I usually am pretty good at holding onto the cool things I have come across in my life but I know this is nowhere to be found. I also would have kept the box. I always keep the boxes.
I don't remember any of the other cool subjects from this line of models and I will be doing a longer post on them now that I have been made aware. Bless the Internets and their tubes that allow me to search for anything. If someone made it or collected it, there are pictures of it out there to be found."
Dork Note: Cal, I had to re-post what you wrote because it was like you were channeling my life/dorkness! I totally had this model and have no idea what happened to it - that makes me sad!

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Kal Heighton said...

You are going to think I made this up but the second I saw these pics I immediately went to comment. Then I saw my words! It was such a great feeling. Thanks for the mention.