Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Unique 3D Shadowbox Art of Todd R. Reis

Rebuilding Joe Staton's Showcase #100 3D

via Todd R. Reis
Clipped from Todd's Facebook Page: This Showcase 100 3D which was originally made in 1979 had gotten very sun faded over the years. I offered to touch it up for him.

My initial thought was to use some extra copies of the original book along with leftover scraps I still had, but after the superb results I had from using digital scan prints for the recent JLA 29 3D, I opted to use scan prints instead with Paul's permission. I had planned to just cut and past a new layer over the old. Upon receiving the 3D, it sunk in how much small detail there was in Joe Staton's picture. I thought it better just to rebuild the 3D using the original as a reference. Right now I'm about 1/3rd the way done.

It will be put back into the original frame. Although the frame has some minor dents, it was still usable. Since I no longer make the frames, having a new frame made is currently not in the scope of this project. I did however repaint the frame black.

I had to put this on the shelf for 2 months while I was restoring the 3 shadowboxes for Marv Wolfman and some other I've had. Paul said there was no hurry on finishing this. I've now spent several hours working on the Spectre, Adam Strange, Batlash, and Lois Lane characters. I just added some new photos showing the progress on that. Following that I added more photos after finishing The Flash, Green Lantern, and Space Ranger figures. The Creeper, Aquaman, and Atom are still flat and recessed.


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TR Reis said...

Thanks for sharing my 3D work here. Just noticed this 4 years later.
Actually the photos shown here are of work in progress, about half way through.
Photos of the completed SHOWCASE #100 3D & more can be found on my FB fan page.

The Dork said...

TR Reis, keep up the awesome work, dude!