Friday, September 19, 2014

The ‘Transformers’ Animated Series: The Creators Explain...

 ...Why the 80s Cartoon Was More Than Meets the Eye by Jacob Hall 
It all began in 1984 at Marvel’s new studio building in Van Nuys, California. Word processors were finally replacing typewriters. Scripts took 30 minutes to print. And Hasbro wanted a new companion show for ‘G.I.: Joe.' Bryce Malek was a story editor on the first 65 episodes of ‘Transformers’ and he remembers the summer of ’84 fondly. The Olympics were in town and the residents had fled. “The freeways were clear and there was hardly any smog,” he says. “There was terrific weather. It was a just a great time to be in Los Angeles and a great time to be alive on the planet.”  Read the Full Article

Transformers Production Bible

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