Friday, August 8, 2014

Pantheon's Mount

First appearance: Incredible Hulk #372
Destroyed: Incredible Hulk #425 
Location: Formerly on a plateau somewhere in Nevada

Description: The headquarters of the Pantheon was a mountain-sized base called The Mount. As its name suggests, it was built within an entire mountain, and had its own science facilities that were far ahead of modern science. They had a large armament, an airstrip with many planes, their own farming and food production. More than 1500 people lived in the Mount, families of civilians, soldiers, doctors, and scientists. Agamemnon lived in a secluded room in the core of the Mount. The Mount housed Pantheon activities for an unknown amount of time, and served as the center of the Pantheon's vast worldwide resources. It was destroyed during the battle against the Endless Knights.

History: Agamemnon, a half-human and half-Asgardian god, is born immortal. Although he never physically ages beyond the age of 16, the Pantheon are all his descendants. Stationed in the Mount, their headquarters based in a Nevada desert, the Pantheon recruits the Hulk as a member and ally after he is transformed into the Merged Hulk persona. The Hulk accepts the offer as a means of making up for the damage he's done in his Savage Hulk days.  The Mount is destroyed during a battle between the Pantheon and Agamemnon's cyborgs, the Endless Knights.

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