Saturday, August 16, 2014

1980's Four Color Article on Steve Ditko


DeadSpiderEye said...

I think I'd quibble about the captioned precis regarding the female form, thankfully the copy reflects reality more accurately. Sometimes it's hard for fans to realise just how stressful their attentions can be, for Ditko I think this stress is particularly difficult because he needs his work to be appreciated on merit alone. The uncritical plaudits of fans can be corrosive on occasion and more than one artist has succumbed to such adulation, no such pitfalls await Ditko but he's paid a heavy price with his refusal to compromise. I refuse to criticise him because he's got integrity flowing through his very core, anyone who refuses to serve hypocrisy deserves recognition. I just wish he let a little of the love flow his way, because without the partisan attention of a fanbase, you're just another voice lost on the wind.

The Dork said...

As a person that luvs to look behind the curtain not just at the process but at the maker as well - it makes me sad (as a viewer) not having that level of information/access. It's one of the reason I enjoy documentaries and movie commentaries so much. Listening to John Carpenter and Kurt Russell discuss "Big Trouble in Little China" is pure gold in my book!