Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Killer Moth's The Moth Cave

Clipped from Sebastien Alexandre Andrivet: Under Killer Moth's mansion was dug a secret underground lair much like the Batcave. In his “Mothcave”, he developed the gaudy masked identity of the Killer Moth, and top-notch equipment imitating that found in the Batcave. The crown jewel of his hoard was the Mothmobile, an impressive roadster matching his costume. The Killer Moth made himself known as a mercenary to the underworld ; just like the police would summon Batman with the Bat-Signal, he gave his clients special infra-red flashlights that could project the Moth-Signal on passing clouds. Equipped with special lenses in his strange helmet, Killer Moth would see the signal and swoop in to solve the problem facing his clients.

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