Friday, February 21, 2014

Next Man

Next Man was originally created by writer Roger McKenzie and artist Vince Argondezzi for Comico back in 1985, the series which lasted for only five issues told the story of David Boyd, an American soldier who was critically wounded during the Vietnam War and frozen until medical science would be sufficiently advanced enough to heal his injuries. Seventeen years later an unscrupulous doctor used David as a guinea pig in a classified government genetic experiment dubbed Project Stepping Stone, which was intended to create an army of "Next Men" David Boyd was revived possessing superpowers and thrust into a world he didn't recognize, by a man he didn't trust, so he escaped from the project to wander the United States while he figured out a way to stymie the goals of Project Stepping Stone.

Dork Note: I always thought this character-verse had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, it has been dormant for over 30 years.


... said...

I must have overlooked this series in the 80's.
On the surface, it appears to have some similarities (inspired by perhaps?) Jack Kirby's Machine Man character/series.
Will be sure to keep an eye out for it on my next visit to a comic shop.

... said...

Machine Man with a healthy dose of Robo-Cop.
Not a bad combo at all!

The Dork said...

This is one of those properties I would buy if I won the lottery!