Thursday, January 16, 2014

MyS-Tech Central

Clipped from Wikipedia: Mys-Tech operated as a respectable business but hidden beneath one of their front organizations, The Museum of Pagan Antiquities at Canary Wharf in London they had constructed a fantastic underground headquarters. These headquarters were used to house the arcane magical technologies the board used to increase their power and keep the supply of souls flowing to Mephisto. Chief amongst these was the Un-Earth, a macabre microcosm of the planet used in a similar fashion to a voodoo doll. The headquarters also housed extensive biotech labs. It was in one of these labs that the genetically engineered assassin named Julius Mullarkey, also known as Killpower, was created by Mys-Tech scientist Dr. Oonagh Mullarkey. The headquarters were also the base for the Warheads, Mys-Tech's mercenaries who travel through wormholes collecting sophisticated technology for their masters.

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