Saturday, November 2, 2013

Cool Jam: Bring On The Bad Guys!

Commisioned by Troy Emmi

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Deathstroke by David Finch, Green Goblin by Eddy Barrows, Harley Quinn by Buzz, The Joker by Mark Texeria, The Maestro by George Perez, Juggernaut by Michael Golden, Doomsday by Tim Vigil, Cyborg Superman by Ivan Reis, Dr. Doom by Jim Cheung, Dark Phoenix by Mark Brooks, Thanos by Philip Tan, Mystique by Billy Tucci, Galactus by Ed McGuinness w/inks by Dexter Vines, Spiral by Tim Seeley, Solomon Grundy by Tim Sale, Bane by Jim Calafiore, Venom by Erik Larsen, Darkseid by Lee Weeks, Bizarro by Phil Jimenez, Clayface by Todd Nauck, Nimrod by Dan Khanna, Evil Ernie by Joe Prado, Carnage by Clayton Crain, Taskmaster by Elliot Fernandez, Trigon by Keu Cha, Sabretooth by Tom Raney, Deadpool by Tom Lyle, The Red Skull by Steve Epting, Judge Death by Simon Bisley,Magneto by Clay Mann, and Ultron by Sean Chen

This massive layout was put together by Anthony Castrillo which was setup by Jerry Livengood at Serendipity Art Sales.

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