Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rob's Room: Lobo's Back? WTF!?

According to Bob Harras, editor-in-chief of DC Comics, The Crow Lobo has a new look:
In this design, Ken [Rocafort] updated Lobo’s facial tattoos and weaponry by adding laser edges to his blades and gloves that’ll give him extra strength with their mechanical usage. In the end, Ken transformed Lobo into a lean, mean killing machine. 
Can you guess which of these four was selected?
If you selected the first of these four images, you are correct! Really! Now I get going with the last two intergalactic Dothraki Khal looks... but Lobo the Metrosexual Main Man?  He'd kick your ass for using alliteration in his name alone!  Not sure how they went from Bisley to this... someone, please explain!
 I think they are just messing with us... please... be messing with us...

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DeadSpiderEye said...

Lobo made friends with the mirror -- very disturbing.