Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rob's Room: Detective Comics #876 Artwork by Jock

This one is for The Dork!  He loves the time-lapse artwork...
Detective Comics #876 with Dick Grayson as Batman.  Artwork is by Jock who describes it as:
This is a page from DETECTIVE COMICS #876 - the first issue of a new arc 'The Hungry City' and a great opportunity to show our Batman, Dick Grayson, in full acrobatic mode. One of the elements writer Scott Snyder and I talked about while planning our issues is Dicks gymnastic background, and how it's important to distinguish between Bruce and Dick under the cowl. So I'm drawing a completely different Batman to the more thick set, monolithic figure I'd draw if it were Bruce Wayne.
This page called for a quick descent into Gotham, and I hope I captured some of the movement and vitality that Scott and I are keen to bring to the character during our run. I drew the art as two separate pieces so colorist David Baron has full control over the city and the figure shots as different elements. I can't wait to see what he does with it.

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