Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paramount SCREWS Star Trek fans for the Blu-ray release!

Dork Note: I just canceled my Pre-Order on Amazon! 

Clipped from io9: The official Blu-ray has seven mini-featurettes. Seems kind of bare bones for such a major summer release, eh? Indeed it does, because Paramount has divvied up all the other features — including the commentary tracks with the cast and director J.J. Abrams, and several additional featurettes — have been given exclusive to the Target release, the Best Buy release, and the iTunes download. Meaning 1) if you buy the normal version you're getting less than half the special features created for the home video release, and 2) if you want all of them you're going to need to purchase at least three separate versions.

Clipped from The Digital Bits: It turns out that more extras were created for this release – more featurettes and even an audio commentary with director J.J. Abrams and members of his crew.  None of it is available on the wide release Blu-ray or Blu-ray 3D SKUs.  The commentary can only be found as an iTunes “extra” download.  And those extra featurettes?  Some are on a Target bonus disc.  Some are on a Best Buy bonus disc.  And some are only available via CinemaNow and VUDU downloads.

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Rob said...

Thanks for the info! I just cancelled mine as well. Bastards!