Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rob's Room: Lotsa Andrew Kolb Artwork

I wish I could divide these images into 3 or 4 posts... but I have no will power and want them all out on the Dork Review internet's series of tubes as soon as possible!  Some wonderful stuff by Andrew Kolb on his Flickr account & his website!  I guess this post is a sequel to Peter Parker & his Two Great Loves.

The first two are from the Where Is My Mind? art show at the Bottleneck Gallery in NY,  Friday, July 12th thru Friday, July 26th.  The first is a mashup of Bikini Bottom & Bikini Atoll; The second is a mashup of Jetsons & Flintstones.
 Next up is some Spy vs. Spy action!
 Now some tv cartoon favorites...
And finally some Pixar (with a sci-fi mash up!)...

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