Friday, July 26, 2013

Origin of The New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman

It began in 1980 when editor Len Wein and I first approached DC COMICS Publisher, Jenette Kahn, to revive an old DC title called The Teen Titans. There had already been two different versions of the book with the original dating back to the early 60s. Because I was at Marvel Comics at the time, I hadn’t really read much of the second 1970s series, but I enjoyed those early Bob Haney/Nick Cardy stories as I was growing up. They were silly, often campy, but there were a number of fun stories as well. The original series featured the teen sidekicks of DCs older super-heroes. Instead of Flash, there was Kid Flash. Instead of Batman, there was Robin, etc. In many ways this was DCs Junior Justice League.

But there was a problem. Instead of Wonder Woman there was Wonder Girl. Only, unlike Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad, there never was a Wonder Girl in DC continuity. Not a real Wonder Girl at any rate. There was a character in the Wonder Woman comic called Wonder Girl, but, according to the comics at the time, she was actually a computer simulation of Wonder Woman as a girl and not a separate character at all. But back then writers and editors might not have read all the DC Comics, or they may have elected to ignore the fact that this Wonder Girl didn't exist, so they put her into the Titans, and, as a fan, I kept thinking something had to be done. We couldn’t have a ‘fake’ hero fighting alongside all those ‘real’ characters. 

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