Sunday, July 21, 2013

An Awesome Day for The Dork - Thank You Ken!!!

I have a massive Justice League Unlimited Collection (nearly every figure), but there were two figures I assumed I would never acquire for my collection - the two rare crew give away figures   Hal Jordon Green Lantern and The Gray Ghost.  I assumed WRONG! because today I got the Gray Ghost figure in the mail!

This was my response to opening the box...

How it happened...

From the comments section a dude named Ken, "...let me know if you ever found this figure."

And I was like, "nope!"

And he was like, "do you want one?"

And I was like, "Hells YES!"

So to a dude named Ken - THANK YOU!

Here is the Gray Ghost figure in my Batman case. It would be with the other JLU figures, but it deserves a more revered spot!


Rob said...

This story brings a tear to my eye... Awesome share!

Jeremy Tani said...

Oh wow, this is SO awesome!