Sunday, April 7, 2013


Clipped from Space1970: Before exhaustive DVD/Blu-ray bonus features and entire television channels devoted to peeling back the behind-the-scenes process of filmmaking, the only glimpses fans had into the real-world of movie special effects was through occasional Starlog features and other magazine articles, and the rare prime-time network television special - such as this 1980 TV event designed to promote the first Star Wars sequel, The Empire Strikes Back. Hosted by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, we were given a full hour of lovingly photographed miniature spaceships, stop-motion Tauntauns (and Imperial Walkers), and so much more.

Dork Note: I remember watching this and being just amazed. This was the first behind the scenes thing I had ever seen - and on my favorite movie. I was in seventh heaven! I actually tried to do some of the things I saw in the special - like hitting cables to produce the laser blast sounds. On a side note - I found that if you put your ear to a slinky and dropped it to the ground it makes a laser blast sound too!

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