Friday, January 25, 2013

10 Questions of Dorkdom with actor Derek Mears‏

Dork Note: Derek Mears graciously agreed to be our first interviewee - how awesome is that? Pretty friggin' awesome!

Derek Mears can be currently seen in Paramount's HANSEL AND GRETEL WITCH
and Warner Bros. Pictures’GANGSTER SQUAD - in theaters now. But his most famous role; which cemented him into the annals of horror, of course is as - Jason Voorhees from the rebooted FRIDAY THE 13TH! 

Dork Note: Hells YES!

Derek Mears has also been a Predator, a cursed Pirate, an alien from Men in Black and many, many more things that go bump in the night! 

So without further delay - 

The 10 Questions of Dorkdom

1. What Muppet are you ?

Cookie Monster. I know, I know, technically he's not a Muppet.

2. What is your favorite deleted scene?

Army of Darkness, where Ash offers up the women and children from the castle to the Army of the Dead if his life is spared.

3. Red trunks or no red trunks?

No red trunks.

4. What's your favorite line from Highlander (besides "There can be only one")? 

It's better to burn out, than fade away.

5. If the Goonies story had continued – what would have happened to Sloth?

Society would have King Konged him.

6. What is your favorite toy of all time?

Han Solo in Hoth Gear action figure.

7. Would you take a vow of celibacy to be a Jedi?

Yes, you can do a lot of celibatel things with telekinesis.

8. What's your favorite robot?

One that doesn't try to kill me.

9. You won a billion dollars - what is the dorkiest thing you do?

Host an MMA fight where the fighters had to dress up like monsters. (i.e. - Frankenstein vs Dracula, Wolfman vs Mummy, etc.)

10. What is your favorite fan experience?

This is more of the craziest fan experience. I once signed a guys bald head w/a sharpie and he then later tattooed it on himself.

Dork Note: I hope you enjoyed our first "10 Questions of Dorkdom" with one kick-ass dude!

Be sure to follow Derek Mears on Twitter and from all of us at the Dork Review - Thank You!

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