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Forgotten TV Heroes: Manimal

Clipped from Wikipedia: Manimal is an American action–adventure series that ran from September 30 to December 17, 1983 on NBC. The show centers on the character Dr Jonathan Chase (Simon MacCorkindale), a shape-shifting man who possessed the ability to turn himself into any animal he chose. He used this ability to help the police solve crimes.

For every episode except the pilot, actor William Conrad recites the opening narration that tells of Chase's wealthy present life and his early days in Africa with his missionary father.
Dr Jonathan Chase... wealthy, young, handsome. A man with the brightest of futures. A man with the darkest of pasts. From Africa's deepest recesses, to the rarefied peaks of Tibet, heir to his father's legacy and the world's darkest mysteries. Jonathan Chase, master of the secrets that divide man from animal, animal from man... Manimal!
Fun Fact: Manimal appeared (after the show was canceled) once more in a 1998 in a crossover with Night Man.

Dork Note: I remember watching this as a 13 year old thinking it was cool and that Melody Anderson was super hot!

Jeremy's Junk: 6 Great Movie Moments That Almost DIdn't Happen

Yes, of course everyone knows Harrison Ford wanted Han 'Ol Buddy to die in Empire to "preserve the legend." The rest is new to me.

6 Terrible Decisions That Gave Us Great Movie Moments.html

Prophet Then VS Now

Dork Note: Some Good Old Stephen Platt - Behold the chaos!


Dork Note: I am really enjoying Graham's Prophet. My only complaint is that Simon Roy is not the regular artist on the book in the latest issues.

Funny Friday: Drive Monkey Drive!

Watch the Whole Sequence - the YouTube Poster disabled embed:(

A Moment Between...Victor and his Doom Mask

Unfinished Fridays: Wonder Woman - Bondage

Clipped from Bleeding Cool:

Here's what Sienkiewicz had to say about the project,

"Frank and I were jazzed about working together again. We were up for doing another series and churning the waters on on some old DC character, as he'd done with Dark Knight.

Wonder Woman seemed like a pretty good choice. She been simultaneously revered and handled poorly in some incarnations. To me she's always been a '"symbol" more than a character that has been well-utilized in a story context. The most interesting stuff was the earliest - and felt the ripest for revisiting.

The fact that her creator William Marston also created the precursor to the lie detector and was into bondage lent a weird kinky vibe and made the idea of mucking with her and her origin a potentially fun trip.

The image was done by me to visually test the water, so to speak and my own comfort level, if not everyone else's, about how far it could be pushed. I did some others that were far more extreme, no one has seen those, this one was relatively tame by comparison. Still it was perhaps a bit over the top, but I think Frank and I invited that."

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Forgotten TV Heroes: Automan

Clipped from Wikipedia: Automan is an American science fiction superhero television series produced by Glen A. Larson. It aired for only 12 episodes (although 13 were made) on ABC between 1983 and 1984.

Automan was inspired by Steven Lisberger's film Tron, which had come out a year earlier. In order not to seem to be plagiarizing Tron, Glen A. Larson involved Donald Kushner, who had been an operating producer of Tron, and his partner, Peter Locke, as operating producers of Automan.

Although similar in appearance, the special effects used to create the Automan look were completely different from the hand-painted effects used in Tron. Automan cinematographer Charles "Chuck" Barbee reports that what they actually did was use reflective material and portable projectors, though the end result looks simply like some kind of blue/green screen chromakey overlay.

Automan (the "Automatic Man") follows the adventures of a police officer and computer programmer named Walter Nebicher (Desi Arnaz, Jr.), who had created an artificially intelligent crime fighting program that generated a hologram[1] (Chuck Wagner) able to leave the computer world and fight crime.

While in the real world, Automan posed as a government agent by the name of "Otto J. Mann." This was a secret to all except Walter's close associate, Roxanne Caldwell (Heather McNair).

Cursor was his sidekick, a floating, shifting polyhedron which could "draw" and generate physical objects as needed. Cursor could only "draw" one object at a time. Exceptions to this included conventional clothing to hide Automan's unusual glowing body and various vehicles with glowing blue piping. The most common forms taken were a car (Auto Car), plane, and helicopter, all of which could defy the laws of physics such as making a 90 degree turn.

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The "New" & "Old" Teen Titans

Dork Note: I wish Speedy and Aqualad had been in more of those original New Teen Titans stories.

Judge Dredd Trailer

The DC TPBs for Spring 2013...

...that The Dork is excited about buying!

Day of Judgment TP - Collects: DAY OF JUDGMENT #1-5 and a story from DAY OF JUDGMENT SECRET FILES #1

The Shade TP - Collects: THE SHADE #1-12

Adventures of Superman: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez HC - Collects: SUPERMAN #294, 301-302, 307-309 and 347, ALL-NEW COLLECTORS’ EDITION C-54 and DC COMICS PRESENTS #1-4, 17, 20, 24 and 31


Legion Worlds TP - Collects: LEGION WORLDS #1-6

The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 GC - Collects: TALES OF THE TEEN TITANS #45-61 and 66-67, THE NEW TEEN TITANS #38, THE NEW TEEN TITANS #1-6 and SECRET ORIGINS ANNUAL #3

Worlds’ Finest Vol. 1: The Lost Daughters of Earth 2 TP - Collects: WORLDS’ FINEST #0-5


Paradise Island (Themyscira)

Clipped from Wikipedia: Themyscira is a fictional island nation in the DC Comics universe that is the place of origin of Wonder Woman and her sister Amazons. Known as Paradise Island since Wonder Woman and the island's first appearance in All Star Comics #8 (December 1941), it was renamed "Themyscira" with the character's February 1987 relaunch in Wonder Woman (vol. 2) #1. The island is named after the mythological city of Themiscyra, the capital of the Amazon tribe in Greek mythology.

Fun Fact: When the Wonder Woman comic book was first introduced Paradise Island possessed giant kangaroos that the Amazons rode like horses called Kangas. Diana's Kanga was named Jumpa.

Dork Note: For more information on Paradise Island