Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Captain Marvel & Mighty Isis Intros

Captain Marvel played by Jackson Bostwick (1974-1975)

Fun Fact: Bostwick controversially was fired from Shazam! two episodes into the second season and replaced by John Davey. Bostwick failed to show up for a day's shooting, and the producers accused him of holding out for a higher salary. Bostwick explained he had sustained an injury during the previous day's filming and had gone to seek medical treatment. He successfully sued Filmation Enterprises, which was forced to pay him for the remainder of his contract plus residuals, including the entire second season.

Captain Marvel played by John Davey (1976-1977)

The Secrets of Isis (1975-1976)

Shazam! Isis Hour (1976) - Title starts at :30

Bonus Clip

Shazam! cartoon (1981)

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