Sunday, October 30, 2011

Byrne’s Barney Rubble in the rubble!

From Sensational She-Hulk #39

Ditko's Creeper Awesomeness!

Dork Note: It would be cool to see another comic book artist tackle this compositional idea in a book.

Will the REAL Dr. McCoy please stand up!

Cool Cameo: Kitty, Colossus, and Professor X in LSH

From Tales of The Legion #320

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Commission: Paul Smith

Matt Wagner's Toy Design for Will Eisner's Spirit

Dork Note: I believe this was never produced. CORRECTION: It was produced by Big Blast and Graphitti Designs.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A J.L. Mini-Comic in your Favorite Cereal Boxes!

Dork Note: I have already bought a box of Honey Nut Cheerios and given the first issue to my daughter!

Cool Artist: Cory Loftis

Want It Got It TPB: The New Defenders

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB at Amazon...New Defender - Volume 1. Not all the issues I wanted but there should be Volume 2 to follow. Hopefully, it won't take as long as Alpha Flight Volume 2; which was years!

Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Publisher: Marvel Comics (2002)
Includes: The New Defenders #125-152

This title was so close to being an X-Men title it's kind of funny. I loved this series, because it had the Beast, Iceman, and Angel as part of the Defenders. It's one of the few TPB I want; which I wouldn't mind being an Essential book (without color).

Clipped from Wikipedia: As of issue #125, Defenders was retitled to New Defenders as the "big four" (Doctor Strange, the Silver Surfer, the Hulk, and Namor) were forced to leave the team. This was the result of an alien prophecy that stated that these four, operating as a group, would be responsible for destroying the world.

The Beast formed the team into an official team complete with government clearance. The remaining Defenders disbanded in New Defenders #152. Several members had seemingly died in battle with the Dragon of the Moon and the remaining members left the team to join X-Factor.

Several of these seemingly-deceased members later returned in issues of Solo Avengers, in Strange Tales vol. 2 #5-7, followed by issues #3-4 of the relaunched Doctor Strange,

Want It Got It TPB: Superboy's Legion

UPDATE: Check your local comic shop. This was released last week.

Writer: Mark Farmer
Artist: Alan Davis
DC Comics (2001)
Superboy's Legion #1-2

This was a great Elseworld mini-series where Kal-El, the last survivor of Krypton, has been raised in the 30th Century and forms Superboy's Legion (Legion of Super-Heroes)

A great two issue book by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer who have collaborated on various projects through the years, including another Elseworld tale called Justice League of America: The Nail and the sequel
Justice League of America: Another Nail. I know that they sound stupid, but trust me they're good and worth buying as a TPB.

I know that putting only two issues into a TPB seems pointless, but if you fleshed it out with sketches and other tidbits, perhaps a new short story in this verse could be cool.

Want It Got It TPB : Eagle

UPDATE: Released as a TPB on October 11, 2011 at Amazon...Eagle: The Original Adventures Volume 1 TPB

Writer:Jack Herman
Artist: Neil D Vokes
Publisher: Crystal Comics and Apple Press (1986-1989)
Eagle #1-23

Clipped from Comicvine:

Eagle was a comic series created by Neil D. Vokes and Rich Rankin following the vigilante Richard Eagle.

Running a total of 23 issues before coming to an end in 1989, Eagle began it's run under Crystal Publications (Crystal Comics), a company started by Vokes and Rankin specifically so they could self-publish Eagle.

However, when Crystal Publications closed up shop, Apple Comics picked up the series and published the last 7 issues.

Vokes and Rankin blend detective-style stories, martial arts, the occult, psychic powers and more to create this unique series.

Dork Update: You can buy this TPB as a print on demand at; which i just did!

Want It Got It TPB: Strikeforce Morituri

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB in January 2012. No Amazon listing yet.

Writer: Peter B. Gillis and Various
Brent Anderson and Various
Publisher: Marvel Comics (1989-90)

Includes: Strikeforce Morituri#1-31 and Strikeforce Morituri: Electric Undertow #1-5

In Earth's final hours, they stand to defend her. They sacrifice their lives that others might live. They are the soldiers who protect the planet against the marauding Horde that lays siege to it. They call themselves "We who are about to die." They are... Strikeforce: Morituri

Clipped from written by Marc Bernardin:
So, a small army of beautiful young people with superpowers battle to save the Earth from conquest — only to receive certain death as a reward.

That right there is as beautiful a story conceit as I've ever heard — and perfect for adaptation into a long-form series. And back in 2002 the then-Sci Fi Channel tried to do just that, renaming it A Thousand Days — as such, extending the soldiers' lifespan — but legal issues between Marvel and the creative team scuttled it.

Heck, you can't even find trade paperbacks of the series, which ran for just 31 issues. Which is all a crying shame, because there's such rich material here. Just waiting.

Cool Pin-Ups from Superman #400