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Cool Artist: Mike Henderson

Want It Got It TPB : Chase

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB. This title will be released on December 27, 2011. It's about friggin' time! I posted this 2 years ago.

Writer: Dan Curtis Johnson
Artist: J.H. Williams III
DC Comics (1998)

Chase #1-9 and 1000000

This series had a very X-Files meets Comicdom feel to it. J.H. Williams III artwork in this series is beautiful and strengthens the "real" feel to the stories. This is one of those books I looked forward to getting each month and was quite shocked when DC canceled it.

For an in depth look at the series, Randy Lander wrote an article on the now defunct 4th Rail. Here is the link...

Fun Fact: In the series, Chase mentions the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which I was in.

Mike Allred's Hourman Strip

NEW DC JL Lunch Box

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Comicdom Movie Relics

Clipped from Wizard Magazine:

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Flashback Fridays: Two April Fools from Wizard

Clipped from Wizard Magazine:
Dork Note: I know these were meant as a joke, but I kind of want to see these produced!

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Saturday Morning Shazam: Steve Rude

Larry Niven's Green Lantern Bible

Clipped from
Sometime - I'm guessing in the late 1980s, judging from the references to Green Lantern #200 in the document - DC Comics editors Denny O'Neil and Dan Raspler approached a few science fiction writers, including Niven, asking for help fleshing out the backstory of Green Lantern. And Niven agreed to create a document called the Green Lantern Bible, which nobody outside of DC has ever read in its entirety - but a big chunk of it is reproduced in Niven's 1992 book, Playgrounds of the Mind.


This artwork (featuring the classic late 1980s X-men!) was originally a pin up created for promotional purposes. It has been faithfully reproduced under the guidance of Mr. Golden himself exclusively for European distribution for Editions Deesse. Only 40 of these were produced.

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Cool Artist: Yildiray Cinar

Coming Soon TPBs the Dork WANTS!

Flashback Fridays - 2005: Devil Ray appears on JLU

Clipped from Wizard Magazine:
Clipped from Wikipedia: In Justice League Unlimited a character named Devil Ray (voiced by Michael Beach) debuted as a member of the Secret Society (based on the Legion of Doom). Devil Ray is closely based on Black Manta. The suit itself heavily resembles the suit Black Manta wore in the Filmation Aquaman cartoons.

Devil Ray appeared in major roles in "To Another Shore" and "Dead Reckoning" (the latter of which saw him accidentally killed by a Deadman-possessed Batman). According to writer Dwayne McDuffie, the reason behind the name change is because the rights to Aquaman characters were not available at the time, as they were being used for the Aquaman TV pilot.

Within mainstream comics, in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #52, the new Aquaman (Arthur Joseph Curry) inquires if Black Manta is the name of a cartoon character, and is corrected "...wasn't he called Devil Ray?" , a presumed reference to the character in Justice League Unlimited.

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Marvel's Manhattan

Clipped from Wizard Magazine