Monday, June 27, 2011

What Happened to...Gaggy, the Joker's FIRST Sidekick?

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Recently Gaggy reappeared in Gotham City Sirens #6 - During the fight, we find out that the Joker is not who we thought he was. Instead, he is Gagworth A. Gagsworthy, the Joker’s first sidekick in disguise. Harley gets Gaggy to tell his origin story.

We then get a weirdly touching flashback as the Joker befriends Gaggy, the Haley circus clown. That’s the Famous Flying Grayson’s circus, which is alluded to briefly. The Joker comes backstage one evening, to compliment the smaller clown on his humor. Taking the compliment in stride, Gaggy extends his arm to The Joker to shake hands. He knows full well what might happen and doesn’t care. The Joker is so impressed by this, he doesn’t kill him, but instead offers him a new job as a sidekick. Many crime sprees then occurs. Finally, the Joker goes off the deep end, and is sent to Arkham Asylum instead of prison.

Gagsworth completes his prison sentence, and then trying to bide his time in caring for the Joker’s things in his Mr J’s favorite hideout. By the time The Joker shows up, he has his new play toy in tow. Miss Harley Quinn. Gaggy does not take well to being replaced, hence the whole plot to do away with Harley.

The girls finally show up to save the day, and help Quinn get rid of Gaggy for the time being. However, Quinn has made an enemy!

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