Saturday, October 4, 2014

Secret Headquarters: Mansion Alpha

Mansion Alpha-Blueprints created by the Firm of Mignola, Mantlo and Bog.

Location: Tamarind Island, British Columbia, Canada
First Appearance: Alpha Flight #20 Vol 1

History: The first official main headquarters for Alpha Flight that was located on Tamarind Island, British Columbia off of the straits of Juan De Fuca. This building had been in Walter Langkowski’s (Sasquatch) family for years, but was unused as it was to isolated from their city-life. When Heather Hudson mentioned Alpha Flight should set up a permanent base, Walter offered this house.

Mansion Alpha was built in 1896, by his Great-Aunt, Gilded Lily. She disappeared and around 1929, just before the depression she was declared legally dead and the house and property passed on to Walter’s maternal grandfather and then his mother. His mother had a complete revulsion of this place and thus the location remained dormant for years.

Gilded Lily remained until her defeat at the hands of Aurora and Walter and took exquisite care of the house Roger Bochs and Madison Jeffries designed and manipulated the inside with sophisticated technology they used for communications and various other aspects.

When the Canadian Government once again funded Alpha Flight, this became their permanent base and was updated with the most sophisticated equipment. The team used this location for a period, until one day while training in the “Danger Room”, Bedlam attacked and destroyed the house.

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