Monday, January 31, 2011

Spider-Man VS Superman: Back Icons!

In Comicdom the superhero back icon/logo is a rarity. Reserved only for flagship characters like Spider-Man and Superman.

So as a dork I want to a fight between Spider-Man's back icon and Superman's cape logo who would win?

Round 1 - Winner: Superman
Superman's came first. (I have no idea when in his history it first appeared, but I'd bet my collection it was before Spider-Man showed up in 1962.) (Update: The yellow within yellow first appeared in the 1950's)

Round 2 - Winner: Spider-Man
Spider-Man's back icon is actually on his back and not on a cape.

Round 3 - Winner: Spider-Man
Superman's logo is just a repeat of what's on his chest and the yellow within yellow is just lame. Superman could have at least inverted the colors.

Spider-Man's back icon is different then his chest design and much cooler. The red circle with legs adds just the right amount of splash/
pizzazz to his costume to put Superman's cape logo on the ropes.

The Winner by decision: Spider-Man!

Rob Note:
Looks like Superman wins round 4 of this bout...


Rocky WonderPug said...

I always thought Cap had a big white matching star on his back like the one on his front. SHows what I know :(

The Dork said...

Damn! Shows what I don't know.

In Byrne's Captain America TPB he does have a star on his back.

Great catch, Rocky WonderPug!

Rocky WonderPug, by the way if you're ever interested in posting something dork related on this blog send me an e-mail and I'll post it.

Rob said...

Same with the Alex Ross understated costume design for Cap:

Superwomen said...

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