Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MEGA Want TPB: Paul Smith's X-Men Run

What makes this a MEGA Want TPB? Because not only do I want the X-Men issues collected. I want to have issues RECREATED! I want NEW art work to replace old existing artwork, done by Cockrun, Simonson, and Romita Jr. Guys I love, so no offense intended. But Paul Smith's work feels like a song unsung.

Let me explain. Paul Smith's X-men run is one of my favorite, only topped by John Byrne's run. However, it feels like it is incomplete...so here is what I want!

Paul Smith on pencils with Bob Wiacek on inks to...

Redo: Uncanny X-Men Issue # 161 (the last pages) thru Uncanny X-Men Issue # 164 and Uncanny X-Men Issue # 171

Finish Off: Uncanny X-Men Issue # 175

Coloring would need to be done old school with old school colorist so that the pages would feel no different from the rest of the pages.

Marvel could release this as a Hardcover called From the Brood to a Dark Phoenix.

I would pay TOP DOLLAR for this!