Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Cookie Monster Slayer!

This is by far the COOLEST and DORKIEST costume I have ever seen. If anyone knows who this girl is drop me a line and we'll give her the credit she deserves.
Thanks to Nancy Dorsner and Cayusa for capturing these pictures for historical purposes.

The 1970's Superhero Catalog

Click on the title or image to look at a complete PDF of these 1970's catalogs. Enjoy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Rarest Justice League Unlimited Action Figure: Hal Jordon as Green Lantern

Fun Fact (clipped from Wikipedia): The rarest figure in the Justice League Unlimited line....

...100 copies of the figure were made and then the molds were destroyed. The figures were packaged on a special green and red card and autographed by Bruce Timm. The figures were given as a Christmas gift in 2005 to employees of the animation studio who worked on the show.

Mattel has definitively stated, in multiple published reports, that there will be no Hal Jordan figures made available to the general public.

Dork Fact: I have only seen this on Ebay once and where I got these pics from. The figure went for over a grand!

The 30 Year Anniversary of the Death of Batman of Earth 2

Batman of Earth 2 died in 1979 in the issue of Adventure Comics #462. LONG LIVE EARTH 2!