Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wanted TPB : DC Comics Presents Warworld Story Arc

Writer: Len Wein and Jim Starlin
Artist: Jim Starlin
DC Comics (1980-19982)

DC Presents #27-29, 36, and 43

The Warworld story arc was both cosmic and metaphysical. It introduced both Mongul, who went on to be a major character in the DC universe and the Warworld (think Deathstar but with a lot more weapons then just one big gun).It also introduced me as a reader to DC's (Jack Kirby's) concept of the Source and the Source Wall; which are basically DC's "God" and DC's "Edge of the Known Universe."

Also, I think, reading this book was the first time I ever really thought, "What the hell is at the edge of the universe?" And when a comic book can get a kid to ask that question...that's money well spent.

It would also be great to have this as a TPB because this was back in the day when Superman was soooo powerful that he could actually fly to the edge of known space and let me tell you, that's powerful.

I know that three issues might be a little shy of a TPB so I would like to humbly suggest adding the two other DC Presents that feature Mongul.

Wanted TPB : Violator

Writer: Alan Moore
Artist: Bart Sears
Image Comics (1994)

Violator #1-3

This mini-series was written by Alan Moore...let me repeat that....this mini-series was written by Alan Moore.

'Nuff said!
Here is an action figure made of the Violator based on Alan Moore's mini-series. Notice the dead guy's head on his forearm!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wanted TPB : The Global Guardians

Let me start off by saying this is probably the worst idea for a TPB. It would barely have a coherent story, BUT to have all the snippets/appearances of the Global Guardians, from their first appearance in Super Friends to some back up stories in Justice League Quarterly, compiled into one book would be cool.

When I first read DC Presents #46; which featured the Global Guardians, I was fascinated by the idea of international heroes. Heroes from Greece, Japan, and Ireland that existed in the DC-verse seemed cooler then normal.

Why these international heroes interested me? Maybe it was the fact there was little to their back stories; which left it wide open to the imagination. Or perhaps I read this story at a time where I started to realize that there was a bigger world outside my little corner. But whatever the reason it would be cool to have these bits and pieces in one place to read.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nabisco's DC Superhero Cookie Boxes and Keebler's Teen Titans PSA

Nabisco released this series of DC inspired cookies featuring artwork by Dick Gioradano in 1982.Here are 8 of the 10 that were produced. Missing from above: Superman and the Riddler.

So a few years back I saw these listed on Ebay. I did bid on them, however, I got out bid as usual. Seriously, some people have some cash to burn.

Anyway, I still think they're cool and wish I had gotten them for my collection. The hunt continues...

On a side note, in 1983 Keebler (cookies) sponsored a Teen Titans PSA about kids staying off drugs. Because Nabisco had a deal to use Robin for their cookies Keebler could not use him for their PSA so instead they created a "Robin-esque" character called the Protector. The Teen Titans with the Protector also appeared in a free comic book teaching kids the evils of illegal drugs.

For more information on the Teen Titans PSA follow the link below...

Wanted TPB : Ruins

Writer: Warren Ellis
Artist: Cliff Nielsen and Terese Nielsen
Marvel Comics (1995)

Ruins #1-2

In some ways this two issue series is the dark alternate-verse to Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvels. Like Marvels this universe is seen through the eyes of Phil Sheldon a reporter for the Daily Bugle who states, "everything that can go wrong will go wrong."

This series is amazingly dark in the way only Warren Ellis can be.

I think the only reason this hasn't been compiled is because it only runs two issues in length, but that shouldn't stop Marvel. They should still put this book out as a TPB just fill it out with interviews and sketches and such. Come on!

Fun Fact: I believe that Marvel made a poster from the Magneto cover (second issue). So check out Ebay.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Want It Got It TPB: Typhoid

Writer: Ann Nocenti
John Van Fleet
Marvel Comics (1995)

Typhoid #1-4

Since the Typhoid Mary's storyline in Daredevil has already been reprinted in Daredevil Legends #4.This mini-series would be a nice complement to that TPB.

Katherine Keller, Editrix In Chief at Sequential Tart says,
"Typhoid is crying for a trade collection.

The story, by Ann Nocenti, works on every level. Not only is it an excellent noir-ish detective story, filled with many plot twists and characters with many agendas at play; not only will the ending leave you downright flabbergasted (though it is totally in character); but it is also the best and most insightful exploration of Typhoid Mary.

The art? The super creepy way keen make the nerves in your teeth itch art? John Van Fleet.
Granted, some of the sequential stuff is a little rough in places (this is some of his earlier sequential work), but it's the stuff that made me an addict of his angular stylings and controlled chaos.

Oh, and let me say it again, Typhoid is crying for a trade collection."
I second that Katherine!

Wanted TPB : Faze 1 Fazers

Writer: Bill Black and Victor Bridges
Victor Bridges, final issue Erik Larsen
AC Comics (1986)

Faze 1 Fazers #1-4, Fazers Sketchbook, and Venture #3 (backstory)

This was a mini-series that came out at the height of Watchmen, Crisis, and Dark Knight. It is also a series that was missed by most.

The story has a girl called Girl-Bot that can separate her body parts at the joints. Also a guy named, Springer, that can separate his body parts as well, but has springs between them. Despite what it sounds like this series was cool for what it was.

Plus Vic Bridges at this time had a very John Byrne feel to his work; which I liked a lot. He eventually evolved past it, but in this series it's very prominent.

So if anyone knows anyone at AC Comics drop 'em a hint so I can get this as a TPB.