Thursday, December 5, 2013

Want It Got It TPB : The Falcon Mini-Series

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB at Amazon - 03/8/14 - Avengers: FalconWriter: Jim Owsley Artist: Paul Smith and Mark D. Bright 
Publisher: Marvel Comics (1983)  
Includes: The Falcon #1-4

The Falcon stars in this first and only solo series along side his feathery sidekick, Redwing. During the story he discovers he is not just uncannily (wink wink) good at training birds he is psychically connected to them. Yep, he is a mutant! Hot Damn! A point slammed home when a Sentinel tries to kill him. My only regret in this series is that Paul Smith didn't draw the whole thing. I loved Paul Smith's artwork at this time.

Sidenote: At a later date, outside this mini, Marvel said the Falcon wasn't a mutant! Oh well.

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