Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nabisco's DC Superhero Cookie Boxes and Keebler's Teen Titans PSA

Nabisco released this series of DC inspired cookies featuring artwork by Dick Gioradano in 1982.Here are 8 of the 10 that were produced. Missing from above: Superman and the Riddler.

So a few years back I saw these listed on Ebay. I did bid on them, however, I got out bid as usual. Seriously, some people have some cash to burn.

Anyway, I still think they're cool and wish I had gotten them for my collection. The hunt continues...

On a side note, in 1983 Keebler (cookies) sponsored a Teen Titans PSA about kids staying off drugs. Because Nabisco had a deal to use Robin for their cookies Keebler could not use him for their PSA so instead they created a "Robin-esque" character called the Protector. The Teen Titans with the Protector also appeared in a free comic book teaching kids the evils of illegal drugs.

For more information on the Teen Titans PSA follow the link below...

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