Friday, November 1, 2013

Want It Got It TPB: The Demon

UPDATE: Coming Soon as a TPB at Amazon - 07/08/14
Writer and Artist: Matt Wagner
Publisher: DC Comics (1987)
Includes: The Demon #1-4

This mini-series comes out just as Matt Wagner is finishing up his successful indie creator owned book Mage, the Hero Discovered and while he is working on his Grendel series. It is some, if not the first, work he did for a main stream publisher like DC. Considering Matt went on to be an industry player...this series deserves at shot at being reprinted.

Also it might be cool if they flesh this TPB out with reprints of the backstory of The Demon that ran in Detective Comics #482-485 (1979) and Action Comics Weekly #636-641(1989).

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CRPechonick said...

About time! Will be ordering this one for sure.