Thursday, June 5, 2014

Want It Got It TPB : Knight Watchman

UPDATE: Released on 04/03/13 - Knight Watchman: Graveyard Shift

Writer: Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker
Artist: Ben Torres
Publisher: Big Bang Comics (1994/1998)
Includes: Knight Watchman, Graveyard Shift #1-4

I loved all the stuff Big Bang Comics did (or hopefully will still do), but this mini-series, Knight Watchman, sat above the rest. It was a both a tribute to the Dark Knight Returns and an original story all it's own. Big Bang Comics always managed to ride that line with great finesse.

Clipped from Caliber Comics: Midway City has long been known as the most dangerous city in America and it just got worse. When as assassination attempt leaves the Mayor in critical condition, super hero Galahad, in the hospital with a shatter leg, and the crooked acting Mayor in charge, there’s no one to stop the crime wave that’s sweeping the city. Except for one man, Galahad’s mentor, the legendary Knight Watchman who’s been retired for years.

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